10 Weird Laws in Wisconsin

Pharmacists should advise patients on ALL medications, including refills. Why did it become law? Because it sounded good for people who like to make laws and have never worked in a pharmacy before. In reality, it is dangerous because it causes constant distractions for pharmacists, takes time from patients who legitimately need the pharmacist, and makes patients consider the pharmacist a nuisance without saying anything important. I`m happy to be back in Iowa. So if you think any of these laws in Wisconsin are wrong, let us know in the comments. After reading these 11 laws of the state of Wisconsin, you will probably find that your imagination is unleashed a little. But at least I hope we have a laugh. Do you know of any other strange laws in Wisconsin? Let us know in the comments section! For all your automotive needs, come to Palmen Fiat today! Wisconsin`s strange laws aren`t the only contributing factor to the state`s eccentricity. There are other strange things about Wisconsin. Click here to learn more about the weirdest places you can visit in Badger State. Like any other state, there are strange things in Wisconsin. For example, there are several strange laws in Wisconsin.

And behind every strange law lies an interesting story about how and why this happened. Most people cite our strict butter and margarine laws, which now seem funny, but were passed to protect the dairy industry and Wisconsin`s place as the top milk producer. We wrote about how people used to walk along Wisconsin`s borders to get large amounts of margarine to share with their neighbors — something that was technically illegal. But Wisconsin`s strange laws don`t stop there. There are actually several illegal things in Wisconsin that will scratch your head. Do you know of any crazier Wisconsin state or city laws? Tell us about it in the comments below. Better yet, tell us why you think they have become law! More information can be found here – wisblawg.law.wisc.edu/2009/10/are-restaurants-in-wisconsin-required-to-put-cheese-on-apple-pie/ Take, for example, a generally referenced law: You should not link an alligator to a fire hydrant in the state of Michigan. This is actually an exaggeration of a city order prohibiting linking anything to a fire hydrant. So it`s not really a state law, and it certainly doesn`t apply to alligators. But don`t despair. There is no shortage of strange laws and regulations that are real and in force today. Every few years, articles describing “strange but true laws in every state” make the rounds on social media.

While these lists are fun, they are often peppered with factual inaccuracies. Some laws may still be “in the books,” but they were struck down by later laws. Alcohol was banned in the early twentieth century. This was later reversed. Still, anti-alcohol laws are still in the books as they have been passed, but they have no effect because subsequent laws have changed their effects. What do you think of these strange laws in Wisconsin? Broken lately? Wisconsin certainly knows how to make us laugh! Wisconsin`s laws before marriage, which state that the pastor cannot celebrate anyone on his wedding day and that the groom cannot celebrate the bride on his wedding day. When I was a kid, WCCN DJs read a bunch of these crazy laws in the morning. It`s the only one I can remember, except spitting on the sidewalk.

At the time, we thought it was funny. Now it makes more sense again. I`m not kidding, if you look at Wisconsin`s cheese laws — and there are a lot of them — you`ll see. The law states that the cheese must be “very pleasant”. (Source) At Stevens Point, it`s illegal to drop your ice on the sidewalk. Stevens Point has a number of dirty laws, for example, it is illegal to spit in front of children and women. So, did you know about these strange laws in Wisconsin? Have you ever unknowingly broken any of them? Do you know of any other strangely illegal things in Wisconsin? Anyway, tell us! The strange laws in Wisconsin don`t stop at the above laws. There are many more strange laws in Wisconsin. In Milwaukee, for example, it`s illegal for a car to be parked on the street for more than two hours — unless a horse is strapped to the car. Another strange Wisconsin law says apple pie can`t be served in public restaurants without cheese. And yet another strange law says that screens are mandatory on all windows from May 1 to October 1.

We know that some stupid state laws are just legends. But as far as we know, the following laws are real laws that come directly from the Wisconsin State Legislature. I even called and spoke to a librarian at the Wisconsin State Law Library to ask for help in confirming these laws. There are many more cheesy laws about the origin of this. For example, you must have a master cheese making license to make Limburg cheese. And it is illegal to make Swiss baby cheese without well-developed eyes. Sometimes state laws can become outdated and irrelevant as our society progresses. Sometimes these laws are downright strange! All states have laws like this that are still in the record books, so we decided to take a look at some of Wisconsin`s weird street laws. Take a closer look! Let`s start with one of the most frequently cited state laws, which would require that “all Wisconsin apple pies must be served with a slice of cheese on top.” Unfortunately, despite the spread of the law among strange lists of laws, the law itself is just a myth. Merrill, WI, I was told it was illegal to have a cheeseburger in your back pocket. I was also told that it is illegal to go back on the main road while eating popsicles.

I don`t know how true these laws are, but they are certainly certain for this article if they turn out to be true! Well. Isn`t that a good thing!? Perhaps some of these outdated laws have some value after all. Read on for our summary of Wisconsin`s weirdest and weirdest city laws, regulations, and ordinances. Even Wisconsin`s restrooms aren`t spared strange laws. Under Section 146.085 of the Wisconsin Bylaws, the “owner or manager of a public building” cannot allow “an entrance fee to be charged for the use of the washroom.” A few sections later, section 146.22 prohibits the Department of Health from “creating rules that directly or indirectly prohibit the use of manual urinal rinsing devices. I`m sure there`s a link in the article. But I immediately found a pretty reliable source online – www.wihumane.org/advocacy/laws Section 951 Peg! I don`t know how I ended up in a rabbit hole of crazy things about Wisconsin, but when I came across this article from onlyinyourstate.com about Wisconsin`s weirdest laws, I just knew they were too good not to share. Real Strange Laws – lawyer/practicing author, Nathan Belofsky, Esq. the world`s leading authority on strange laws. As an Illinoisan, I probably shouldn`t cast a shadow over our neighbors to the north for their stupid laws, because we have pretty far-fetched laws in this state too.